Flem de onafhankelijke

[23:11] <Flem> you guys
[23:12] <Flem> heard http://www.zeikerdje.com/index.php?include=topic&id=105 ?
[23:12] <Flem> http://www.zeikerdje.com/index.php?include=mp3&id=57
[23:12] <Flem> minute 3:30 or so
[23:14] * DeTr0It ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout)
[23:18] <i286> gs down again?
[23:18] <i286> :-)
[23:20] <Flem> it is here
[23:20] <TeStDrUiF> hoyzeee
[23:20] <TeStDrUiF>
[23:20] <i286> Down for me.. :\
[23:27] <Flem> ah wel
[23:28] <Flem> geenstijl was nice in like.. december 2003
[23:28] <TeStDrUiF> lol
[23:28] <TeStDrUiF> geenstijl was nice for whiping my ass

paar dagen later...

#0x1fe Flem H+ [email protected] (Frits)
12:28AM <u0sd9a098duas09duas> I had to name me Wickeddude83, <Flem> told me to do it
12:28AM <u0sd9a098duas09duas> He's my master
02:48PM <Falesco> Verder was een vriend van hem boos over het schrappen van het pc-priv-project.
02:48PM <Falesco> WTF
02:48PM <Falesco> Flem
02:49PM <Falesco> u tard
02:49PM <Falesco> that was an joke
02:49PM <Coolhva> hehehehhe
02:49PM <Coolhva> lol
02:49PM <Falesco> so lame
02:49PM <Falesco> thnx Flem
09:23PM <Flem> why do some people here make me responsible for something someone else posted ?
09:24PM <Peppyx> lol
09:25PM <Coolhva> cause you are so easy to blame on :P
09:27PM <Flem> ah
09:27PM <Flem> thats right





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